Man of Steel – Review

The much anticipated flight of Superman returned to our screens with all the ingredients needed to produce an epic hero flick. The combination of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan at the helm alongside a strong cast meant high expectations surrounded the project.

Henry Cavill fills the red boots of the caped crusader, portraying the classic features of the hero. But throughout the film we see a different, more emotional side to Superman alongside Russell Crowe, his father, and his human parents Kevin Costner and Diane Lane. Unlike previous Superman films, Man of Steel gives a wider interest into Clark Kent’s background. Who is Superman? Where does he come from? Why is he here? And throughout we see a young Superman growing up and learning to deal with who he really is and the powers he possesses.

The film is almost structured into three parts. The first of which is concentrated in Krypton, Superman’s home planet as it faces extinction. Here we are thrown straight into war scenes with explosions, gun fires and fighting amongst everything that, as humans, we are not supposed to understand. Kal-El (the real name of Clark Kent) is sent to Earth for his safety initiating the second act of the film, and arguably the strongest as we are heavily engrossed with Superman growing up in human territory and later becoming the super hero himself. This brings the third act, which is full on explosions, buildings falling down and fighting – perhaps too much with Superman going up against Michael Shannon’s General Zod – both of whom share little weakness.

Man of Steel failed to reach my, and many other people’s expectations. The first act had too much of a fantasy, alien element considering Snyder’s comment that the film would be the most realistic. And on top of that, the third phase of the film was just constant explosions and noise. However the middle section of the film had plenty to enjoy and posed the most interesting outlook of Superman, making Man of Steel a good, but not a great film.

7/10 #WebbersRatings


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