Despicable Me 2 – Review

Gru returns in the second edition of Despicable Me, recruited by the Anti-Villain League (AVL) in order to catch the latest super criminal. This time however, there is a love interest for our main protagonist, which plays a huge underlying theme throughout the feature.

Since leaving his evil post, Gru has moved onto making jams and jellies in his laboratory whilst also continuing to look after his three adopted daughters Edith, Agnes and Margo. Whilst hosting a birthday party for Margo, we see just how sensitive Steve Carell’s character has become, with local mum’s typically looking to set Gru up on a date. The love interest however comes from Kristen Wiig’s Lucy, Gru’s partner after being recruited by the AVL. Russell Brand returns as Dr Nefario with a twist to his character, whilst Steve Coogan and Ken Jeong are also given cameos.

As always however, the Minions steal the show and provide constant laughs. Brilliantly voiced by directors Pierre Coffin and Chis Renaud who clearly realised that following the first Despicable Me, more Minion involvement was needed. The comedy throughout, like in the first feature, ranges from witty to wacky – satisfying both the older generation and the younger audience.

With the additional love interest along with some touching moments involving Gru’s three daughters, there are a number of engaging themes running throughout the second edition of Despicable Me. Just as artistically brilliant as the first feature, but even better than the first simply by adding to the laughs and making the characters even more enchanting to follow.  

8/10 #WebbersRatings


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