Batman/Superman – Bad move for Warner Bros?


As announced at Comic-Con last week, in rather elaborate fashion, 2015
will see the coming together of Superman and Batman. So what does this mean for both franchises and everyone involved? Well I certainly have a number of concerns.

The release of Man of Steel was met with mixed acclaim. Box office figures would suggest it was a success, yet not quite as rewarding as Warner Bros were perhaps intending. In addition, critically the film earned mixed reviews. I for one believed it just failed to meet my expectations. All this leaves Man of Steel with a question mark regarding whether it really was a true success or not. Compare this to Christopher Nolan’s Batman however and the success is unparalleled. This therefore begs the question; are Warner Bros using the already successful Dark Knight as a ‘get out of jail’ for the Superman “failure”?

The second question that has to be raised is how Batman will be portrayed. Will the character be completely rebooted? We know that Christian Bale’s time as the masked crusader has come to an end and will therefore need replacing. And although nothing was fully confirmed at the time, rumours did suggest that Nolan himself was finished with the Batman saga, yet Warner Bros have confirmed the man behind the Dark Knight as the executive producer for the Superman/Batman feature.

Finally, we’ve seen previously how combining the worlds of various super heroes can work in Avengers Assemble which had rave success. However, conflicting Batman with any other superhero raises questions. Nolan made Batman a hero separate from all others and fundamentally more realistic too. Adding the Superman element will ultimately introduce a whole new supernatural touch to the Batman world, which of course is how it is in the DC universe – but this could ruin Nolan’s adaptation so soon after the Dark Knight series. Equally, Superman has his own world. He is the only hero and should remain separate from any other. Therefore the move to intertwine both characters suggests to me that Man of Steel just wasn’t quite as rewarding as Zack Snyder and Warner Bros had intended.

The Superman/Batman mash-up seems to have dissolved any potential plans for a Justice League feature for the time being. It seems Wonder Woman is next on the DC to do list and it may also take some rebooting to other characters before we see the Justice League altogether. What we already know is that Superman and Batman will be going head to head in 2015 and I for one would love the film to be a success. Yet my concerns heavily overlook my excitement and time will tell whether Warner Bros, Snyder and co can prove me wrong.


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