Now You See Me – Review


Now You See Me sees four magicians with individual skill sets brought together by a mysterious superior who sets them up for three elaborate crimes which involve stealing mass amounts of money from various sources.

The group are labelled as the Four Horsemen and consist of Jesse Eisenburg’s cocky illusionist and his former assistant stuntwoman Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson’s mind reader and Dave Franco’s slide of the hand trickster.

Whilst the magicians are busy tricking their way into bank vaults and accounts, tough guy cop Mark Ruffalo, alongside Melanie Laurent, struggle to bring them to justice despite additional help from a professional magic trick exploiter (Morgan Freeman).

For much of the feature, Now You See Me offers mass entertainment from the tricks being played out in front of your eyes to the thrilling cat and mouse chases. In addition, the highly impressive cast offer a strong comical and engaging dialogue. However, where the film disappoints is the lack of a strong finish, leaving you with a promising twist but also a complicated, flat finale. What’s more is the over elaborate special effects where the film tries too hard to impress on a visual scale. As a result, a promising story line with an impressive cast is somewhat ruined by a very weak ending. Now You See Me certainly has its moments of wonder and entertainment, but lacks a spell binding edge to make it anything more than a good watch.

7/10 #WebbersRatings


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