The New Batman: The Contenders


So by now we all know that Batman will have a role to play in Man of Steel 2 (rumoured to be given the creative title of Batman vs. Superman). We also know that Christian Bale will not return as the Dark Knight following his spell in the recent Batman Trilogy. So who are the front-runners take up the role of the caped crusader?

Ryan Gosling

Women love him, men want to be him (and in some cases love him too). Gosling is one of the top choices to take up the Dark Knight mantel following his recent break from acting. A return as the Batman would be some comeback for the Drive and Only God Forgives star. Other than his good looks, wit and charm, Gosling is simply a very dark, talented young actor.

Josh Brolin

Another candidate strongly liked by the Man of Steel producers is Josh Brolin who starred alongside Gosling in Gangster Squad. At 45-years old, Brolin fits the bill for what the producers aim to be an older Batman. In addition, Brolin features in Robert Rodriguez’ Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (out next year) and therefore has experience in a comic book role. Warner Bros. likes Brolin a lot having worked with them on many a project and feel he could fit the role effectively.

Joe Manganiello

Rumour has it that Zack Snyder considered Manganiello for the original Man of Steel role before deciding on Henry Cavill. The 36-year old stars in True Blood as a werewolf and could potentially have issues with his busy schedule. Manganiello has also had small comic book experience playing bully Flash Thompson in Sam Raimi’s Spiderman series.

Richard Armitage

It would be very special to see two Brits playing both superheroes (albeit using American accents). Armitage has friends at Warner Bros. having featured as Thorin in The Hobbit; a role that he is reprising for the second and third features in the series. Armitage has an impressive background with TV roles in Robin Hood, Strike Back and Spooks as well as the briefest of appearances in Captain America and Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace.

A number of other names have been suggested for the role including Pacific Rim and Hawaii Five-O star Max Martini as well as Matthew Goode who worked with Snyder on Watchmen. Nothing will be announced until the script has been written of course, so at this stage all talk is simply just speculation. Cavill will continue his role as Superman, but time will tell who will fill the boots in the opposite corner as his black caped frenemy.


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