2 Guns fires – Review

Michael ‘Stig’ Stigman (Mark Wahlberg) and Bobby Trent (Denzel Washington) are two undercover officers from the DEA and the Navy who are ordered to investigate each other. Unaware of each other’s true identities, both are tasked to infiltrate a multi-million dollar drug cartel led by Mexican gangster Papi Greco (Edward James Olmos). When their respective bosses abandon Stig and Bobby, the pair discovers whom they both truly are and that they were set up to perform the robbery.

After some initial trust issues, the pair work together – or “in the same vicinity” – in order to take down the cartel as well as clearing their own names. James Marsden and Bill Paxton offer slimy cameos as Stig and Bobby’s superiors, but the protagonist pairing have learned many a trick being under cover for so long.

Washington and Wahlberg offer the perfect “buddy-cop” combination with a successful dosage of stunts and humorous one-liners. Wahlberg in particular has demonstrated his comical prowess in recent years and Washington’s talents have always been undoubted (despite his age now starting to show). What 2 Guns offers is a strong cast combined with a clever, action fuelled and quick-witted script.

Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur has previously worked with Wahlberg on last year’s crime thriller Contraband, and is making a comfortable start to life as a Hollywood director.

2 Guns produces just as many laughs as it does entertaining action scenes and there are plenty of both. Originally a 2008 comic, 2 Guns also offers emotional elements, which illustrate just how versatile both headlining actors truly are.

The film is charming, cheeky, explosive and entertaining and is so much more than the typical buddy-cop feature. Washington and Wahlberg are perfect for the two roles as are the supporting cast while the crew also make the most of some elegant locations and set pieces

8/10 #WebbersRatings


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