Kick-Ass 2 fails to…kick ass – Review

In 2010, Kick-Ass brought us an alternative twist to a comic book movie with new levels of violence and gore along with some shocking yet comical potty mouth from it’s characters. Now our heroes return for their second outing where we are reintroduced to Dave Lizewski AKA Kick-Ass (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). Now a high school senior, Dave has hung up his batons but is finding life boring without his green hero suit.

Mindy McCready AKA Hit Girl (Chloe Grace-Moretz) has sworn to her guardian Marcus (Morris Cheshunt) that she is finished with her superhero antics, yet sneaks out in her purple costume as she struggles to adjust to a normal life. After teaming up once again, Dave discovers Justice Forever, a group of superhero vigilantes led by Colonel Stars and Stripes (Jim Carrey).

Meanwhile, Chris D’Amico AKA Red Mist (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) is seeking revenge on Kick-Ass for memorably murdering his father with a bazooka. This time however, he gives himself a rebirth, becoming ‘The Mother******’. After building an evil army, The Mother****** leads his super villains into an epic showdown to face Kick-Ass’ group of wannabe heroes. Inevitably, this leads to blood and in true Kick-Ass fashion, lots of it.

Matthew Vaughn passed on the directing baton to American Jeff Wadlow, after his success with the 2010 hit. The result leaves Kick-Ass 2 without the slick continuity and stylish set pieces we witnessed in the first feature. Based on the success on the previous success, Wadlow has ensured more violence and darker humour, whilst making sure the certificate stays at a 15. Carrey publicly refused to promote the film due to the violence that coincided with the events of Sandy Hook. But he could be forgiven for suggesting that the violence is simply unnecessary and over-glamorised in attempts to live up to the blood fuelled expectations set by the first Kick-Ass. The film also slips up concerning Mintz-Plasses’ villain, with a name as questionable as his costume emphatically backfiring.

However, Kick-Ass 2 does portray some touching moments including Mindy’s stumbling efforts to fit in to a normal school life as well as some emotional scenes with Dave and his father.

Nevertheless, the second edition of our green costumed hero unfortunately disappoints and fails to produce anything new and exciting. All the shockingly fun aspects that were previously introduced were left behind in the stylish original, leaving Kick-Ass 2 failing to impress.

6/10 #WebbersRatings


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