World War Z – Review


Given World War Z’s difficulties in development, the result is a fast paced and thrilling watch accompanied with some stylish visuals. The on-screen adaptations of Max Brooks’ disturbing book is very a very watchable surprise. That having been said, the storyline leaves the film slightly bland, failing to truly take off or fulfil the potential for chaos, which one would expect from an apocalypse flick.

Brad Pitt plays Gerry Lane, a former United Nations officer who has chosen to spend more time with his family when a curious attack on their hometown of Philadelphia arises. Gerry is called to take on the role of his old job, which sees him travel the world witnessing the madness of these flesh feasting dead beings at various locations. With nations in limbo and militaries in defence mode, Gerry is (obviously) the one man who can find an end to the pandemic.

There are some real positives to take from World War Z. Starting literally at the beginning; the opening scene is breath taking. Whilst most zombie apocalypse films tease and wangle their way into the main substance, World War Z’s opening credits are still rolling when Philadelphia is torn apart by flocks of the infected. Director Marc Forster got the scene spot on by not giving too much about the zombies away and the CGI plays a major role in distributing the mass panic throughout the city.

The stage is set therefore for the rest of the film to be dispatched in much the same method. However, the tone quickly calms and moments as tense as the opening are rare to come by. The zombies in World War Z however, unlike a number of movies of its kind, are genuinely scary. For starters, they can run and run quickly (because how is a zombie moving at a snail’s pace scary?). Not only that but also these bloodthirsty corpses can leap great distances and climb whilst being oblivious to pain certainly works in their favour.

So therefore, given the horrific nature of the zombies in question, it’s a shame there isn’t more guts and gore to really make the audience squeal. Perhaps there would had there been additional attention on the war of World WAR Z rather than Gerry’s heroic and safe attempts to stop it.

Potential not fulfilled but a thrill ride nevertheless, World War Z sets itself up nicely for the proposed sequel, which could ultimately boost the storyline of the first. All the money spent rewriting and reshooting the ending certainly paid off, and may continue to do so with a sequel. Rest assured World War Z is certainly not the end of the world.

7/10 #WebbersRatings


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