Rush – Review

The exhilarating Rush follows the contrasting lifestyles of Formula One drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt and their incredible rivalry from the 1976 F1 season.

Chris Hemsworth stars as playboy Brit Hunt, the hothead who away from driving makes the most of life. His image consists of alcohol, women and partying along with a cocky attitude towards driving. Daniel Bruhl plays Lauda, an interesting character known for his concentration, determination and professionalism with a keen eye for an early bedtime.

Both drivers clash, crash inside and outside of the car due to egotistical reasoning. With Lauda the more conservative of the two, making sure safety was ensured before any race Hunt would spare his life for a win over his rival due to his reckless attitude.

Ron Howard in the director’s driving seat and Peter Morgan sprucing up the screenplay, the perfect team assemble for this beautifully shot, thrilling drama of two polar opposites. The story writes itself. Controversy, tragedy, sleaze and danger, are all summited by an eventful climax.

Impressively, those who know the true facts behind this tale will still be amazed by the way Howard depicts this astonishing story. He manages to perfectly blend moments on and off the track, appealing to an audience of non-F1 fans. To the petrol head however, the noise of the cars on the big screens is breath taking, accompanied with the masterful soundtrack courtesy of Hans Zimmer.

Accurately portrayed, beautifully delivered and an overall thrilling watch, Rush is a true triumph for Ron Howard and a successful take on an incredible tale of two counterparts.

8/10 #WebbersRatings


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