White House Down – Review

If White House Down didn’t have its comedy moments, it could be classed as one of the worst box office films of the year. Luckily however, it does deliver some funny lines and scenes, excusing itself of some outrageous sequences and a tame climax.

John Cale (Channing Tatum) is an ex military man who is looking, and failing to land a job with the US secret service in order to impress his daughter with whom he shares a shaky relationship.

While both on a tour of the White House, the most secure building in the world is attacked and with the right people in the wrong places, responsibility of the President (Jamie Foxx) rests with Cale.

After splitting midway through the attack with his daughter, Cale must muscle his way around and out of the White House in order to find and save his spouse.

At this stage you may be asking yourself, haven’t I heard of this recently? And the answer is yes, in this year’s earlier edition of the White House blowing up, Olympus Has Fallen. That was a mess. And White House Down is also a mess – but a funny mess.

The film struggles to choose just precisely what genre it fits into and confuses the audience who don’t know whether to laugh or gasp in shock. Perhaps blowing up the White House is no funny matter, but the combination of Foxx and Tatum, who are no strangers to comedy acting, give the feature a much-needed backbone.

The action sequences aren’t terrible, yet some of the CGI involved in them is, looking budget and perhaps suggesting the actor’s paycheques were the priority. Maggie Gyllenhaal, Richard Jenkins and James Woods all share enough acting pedigree to also do the film’s reputation some favours. But White House Down however, slots nicely onto Roland Emmerich’s (who’s had previous with the White House) less than spectacular CV.

White House Down wraps up a year of attacks on what is supposedly the most secure building in the world following Olympus Has Fallen. It’s fair to say both efforts have been poor and The President has nothing to worry about…unless he watches either of these films.

5/10 #WebbersRatings

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