The Internship – Review

Google is great. That is at least what The Internship attempts to hammer into the audience. Shawn Levy’s comedy heavily focuses so much on the wonders of Google that it struggles to actually make you laugh. That said Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson strangle out a couple of laughs making the film just about watchable.

The pair plays two salesmen, Billy and Nick, who face unemployment when they are replaced by computers. In an attempt to find work once again, they stumble upon Google and an internship programme.

Despite their age, Billy and Nick team up with a group of misfits to tackle a number of challenges in order to land a job at the end of the programme. Strangers to the wonders of modern technology, the pair struggle and inevitably calamity ensues.

The Internship is one big advert. Google is now such a household term that it is also a verb as well as the name of one of the biggest corporations in the world. Therefore, it seems unnecessary for a company of such magnitude to be beefed up to the extent it is in The Internship. “We are making the world a better place” is one of the lines from a Google employee in the film, which sums it all up.

There are some welcome cameos from Rose Bryne, Will Ferrell and Rob Riggle, but the film in general misses enough wit to make a mark, despite a strong cast. The Internship is a very frustrating film to watch. It is effectively a two-hour advert for Google and how good it would be to work at Google and how Google is making the world a better place.

The film offers a few chuckles but not nearly enough to make up for its corporate head banging. Google is great, but do we need a film telling us just how over-the-odds amazing it truly isn’t? No.

4/10 #WebbersRatings


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