DVD Review – That Awkward Moment


That Awkward Moment is one of those typically unbelievable rom-coms involving pretty people, unrealistic lifestyles and incredibly vile and crass sexual morals. Nevertheless, its witty script from debut director/writer Tom Gormican makes it a watchable feel-good comedy.

Zac Efron heads a trio of friends who all decide to refrain from dating when one of them faces a divorce. Unfortunately, this comes at a time when all three suddenly find themselves on the brink of a relationship and facing the inevitable question “so…where is this going?”

Efron plays Jason with Michael B Jordan and Miles Teller playing pals Mikey and Daniel. Imogen Poots plays Ellie – Jason’s love interest and completes a charming cast full of talent and potential.

This type of film therefore may act as a black mark on their careers because That Awkward Moment’s attitude towards relationships is incredibly shallow. Efron suggested that the movie was a rare case of the male perspective of sex and relationships yet unfortunately, it doesn’t do the male species any favours given the attitudes presented.

The film lacks any emotional value when things turn bleak for the lads and concentrates more of making crude sexual jokes and making girls fall in love with guys who accuse them of being a hooker. A male version of Sex and the City would be a fair and accurate valuation of this film and that is by no means a compliment.

Luckily, what That Awkward Moment does possess is a well-written script full of quick wit ready for a cast capable of delivering them perfectly on camera. Gormican can certainly take pride in that fact and the banter between the three friends can easily be related to by much of the audience.

That Awkward Moment is absolutely nothing special. It’s a poor reflection of real life scenarios, but it is an easy watch and provides plenty of lightweight laughs, never taking itself too seriously.


Out on DVD 2nd June


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