Let’s Be Cops – DVD Review


Let’s Be Cops is a classic case of; if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the film. Put your money away, don’t bother making a trip to the cinema or to the shop to buy the DVD, check out the trailer and you’ll have spared your time and effort. And having watched the trailer, you will have experienced the full comic extent of the movie, which is no more than the odd chuckle.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. play two losers who have both hit a wall, needing some excitement in their lives. For a fancy-dress party, they decide to go dressed as cops. Walking through the streets of Los Angeles, they are on the receiving end of a new found respect of which they are not used to, thanks to their police uniforms.

Gradually the pair takes their façade a number of steps further, including purchasing a cop car from EBay and stitching sergeant badges onto their uniforms. Things begin to get out of hand however, when they involve themselves in some serious criminal gang activity.

Johnson and Wayans Jr., best known for their roles in New Girl, usually share a very amiable on-screen comedy connection. Let’s Be Cops however fails to bring out their best and settles for typical stoner quality humour. The movie only manages to produce a number of moments of chuckle worthy comedy, and despite the idea for the movie being influenced by a moment in director Luke Greenfield’s life, it may perhaps should have stayed as just that.

There’s very little point going out of your way to watching this film. Once you watch the trailer, you’ll pretty much know just what Let’s Be Cops is all about.

Out on Blu-Ray/DVD – 26 December


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