Toy Story 4. A Good Idea?


Have a quick think. Is there a more perfect trilogy than the Toy Story series? The Godfather’s? Maybe. The Dark Knight? Star Wars? Lord of the Rings? Possibly. But in my opinion it doesn’t get better than our small, animated friends.

Above all else, Toy Story 3 was the perfect third edition for the series, whereas the same can’t really be said about those previous suggestions.

Last week, we got the news that there will indeed be a fourth Toy Story feature set to be released in 2017. Of course the initial reaction is one of excitement and joy: another Toy Story film – brilliant!

John Lasseter will be in the director’s seat for this one – the man behind the first two instalments and multiple other Pixar features. This is of course very good news indeed having someone who is very much part of the Toy Story furniture behind the film. On top of that, Lasseter’s enthusiasm for the project has been promising, suggesting that following discussions over another feature, he had no choice but to take it on.

But here’s the argument. The perfect trilogy has been made, why continue it? We left Woody, Buzz and co in the best possible way and now they are set to return for a new adventure. Surely the way things were left at the end of Toy Story 3 was the ultimate goodbye?

Clearly not, and I’m not for a moment suggesting the fourth instalment won’t be jam packed with laughs, cries and everything else we’ve become accustomed to with the Toy Story films. But my hope is that it in no way affects how things were left in the previous three editions, as it was simply perfect.

I’m fairly confident the approach will be one of a fresh start for the gang and the series. Andy’s gone – we shed our tears, but hopefully we will fall in love all over again with a new beginning for the gang, but ultimately I am still slightly peeved as to why there will be a fourth instalment when the bow had clearly been tied.


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