Spy – Review


On paper, Spy has all the ingredients for a comedy masterpiece. But Paul Feig’s latest project alongside Melissa McCarthy is nothing more than a moderately funny mess.

McCarthy plays the loser CIA desk jockey, Susan Cooper, who informs the dashing Bond-esque field agent Fine (Jude Law) whilst he goes out on his dangerous missions.

When Fine becomes inoperative, Cooper volunteers to finish off the mission he has started and take down villainous Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) as she travels across Europe.

Feig and McCarthy worked well in Bridesmaids but struggled to create that same magic in The Heat and now Spy. The comedy has become too predictable and McCarthy continues to play the same underdog character, playing on her image for cheap gags.

Fortunately, McCarthy is more than comfortable delivering some well written lines throughout Spy but the stand out comedy performers are Byrne and Jason Statham. The latter plays the more seasoned and traditional spy – much like the macho, tough guy characters he is used to, but almost overdoing it in Spy, which brings some punchy laughs throughout.

McCarthy is the centre of the action but the best comedy is without doubt coming from the background characters, including a more than comfortable Miranda Hart.

Spy is a fun watch but the action isn’t quite enticing enough and the comedy is too predictable to truly enjoy all the way through. It would be wrong to constantly compare projects between Feig and McCarthy following Bridesmaids but the truth is they have struggled to reach those heights since.


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