Ted 2 – Review


Since Ted was released in 2012, becoming the most successful R-rated movie ever, Seth McFarlane hasn’t had the best of times. His Oscar hosting attempt was humiliatingly forgettable and A Million Ways to Die in the West was quite unremarkable. Returning to a successful, loveable character would have been the easy way back into the game for McFarlane, but Ted 2 certainly does itself justice.

McFarlane returns as the voice of the potty-mouthed bear, again accompanied by stoner buddy John (Mark Wahlberg). The two have had a polar opposite time recently though with John’s marriage to Lori ending just as Ted and girlfriend Tami-Lynn tie the knot.

Married life is proving difficult for the newlyweds, but Ted has the perfect solution to their problems: to have a baby. This proves more problematic when the government tell Ted that he must first prove that he is a real “person” in order to keep his marriage and have a child.

The couple, with help from John, seek legal advice, firstly from rookie lawyer Samantha L. Jackson (Amanda Seyfried) and then from civil rights lawyer Patrick Meighan (Morgan Freeman).

Laughs of the offensive variety are a plenty in this sequel, ranging from flat out stoner comedy to clever gags being played throughout. The film itself is a mess and the novelty factor may have worn off – but who cares?

Ultimately, it is more of the same, which is exactly what everyone wants when they go to see it – more scandalous gags, more swearing and more of the foul-mouthed teddy bear.

Beyond the jokes, McFarlane makes time for sentiment in the majority of his projects. Ted 2 is no different as one moment Ted and John are making wisecracks about 9/11, the next they’re bromancing over John’s failed marriage.

Some suggest McFarlane is funnier than he thinks, and perhaps there are occasions when he tries too hard with his comedy. But ultimately, he never fails with a crude joke or two and both Ted movies are perfect examples of that.


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