Pixels – Review


Love him or hate him, it’s fair to say Adam Sandler hasn’t starred in a watchable movie for some time now. His latest outing in Pixels certainly doesn’t buck that particular trend either.

The year is 1982 when NASA sends a capsule into the solar system consisting of examples of human culture in an attempt to communicate with extra-terrestrial life.

Fast forward to present day where we meet Sandler’s inevitable loser character, Brenner – once video game prodigy, now fitting electrical appliances for work.

In the midst of not laughing at Sandler’s unlovable schlub of a character, we witness a spontaneous attack on a US army base, which turns out to be aliens reacting violently, in the form of classic video game characters, to the NASA capsule from 1982.

Cue video game nerd Brenner’s moment to shine when called upon by his best friend Will Cooper (Kevin James, obviously) who happens to be the President of the United States.

In an attempt to save the world, it is up to Brenner and his team of fellow video game geeks, Eddie (Peter Dinklage) and Ludlow (Josh Gad) to stop the pixelated alien army.

Produced by his own company, Happy Madison, this feels exactly like every painful Sandler film from the last 10 years or so. Not even the half impressive CGI can save this snore fest of a film, which can only offer the briefest moments of interest or comedy.

It is a classic case of the cast and crew having more fun filming than the audience watching, and Dinklage is the only one that is worth offering any comical interest in as Brenner’s nemesis turned colleague nerd. It almost feels like director Chris Columbus was very much secondary in the making of the film while Sandler and his buddies took over and do what they do best/worst.

Michelle Monaghan also stars as Violet, and the well respected actress hasn’t done her career any favours by starring as the sole female in the movie, playing the typical bitch turned love interest role that Sandler loves acting opposite.

Pixels is an incredibly dull watch. Fans of Sandler will probably view the movie without a problem but it has got to a stage where Sandler is happy to make a living producing unremarkable, unfunny films.


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