Month: October 2016

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back – Review

Tom Cruise shows no signs of ageing as he returns for the second Jack Reacher outing, Never Go Back. Four years since the first Reacher movie, the next in the series seeks to hit even harder than its predecessor.

Never Go Back opens with Reacher (Cruise) making his way to Washington DC following a series of flirty phone calls with Lt Susan Turner, played by Cobie Smulders. Upon arrival, he discovers that she has been arrested for espionage.

Reacher soon discovers that her arrest is the result of corruption and dodgy deals within the department. Whilst attempting to crack the case, Reacher learns that he is the subject of a paternity test, potentially being the father to damaged teenager, Samantha (Danika Yarosh), who he seeks and is ultimately pitted with.

After also being accused of murder, Reacher, Turner and Samantha are soon on the run as they bid to expose the guilty parties and clear their own names.

Neither of the two Reacher movies has broken any new ground particularly, but their main purpose to entertain and thrill and that is exactly what both films have done.

Despite being a few feet short of Reacher’s description in the books, Tom Cruise does a solid job of portraying this no nonsense, tough guy character. You can tell he’s having fun in these films and he thrives off the stunts and action sequences, which is credit for an ageing actor such as himself. The trademark Cruise run is also very evident throughout.

Smulders also takes part in many of the punch-ups, doing gender equality no harm at all, and much like the first movie, the action sequences are very well depicted and are what the audience is effectively paying to see.

Although it may not live up its predecessor, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back certainly packs a hefty punch and the movie’s relentless action is perfect for the cinema going, thriller fan. It’s a movie that can be enjoyed without being taken too seriously – Reacher himself even gives it a thumb up in the closing scene (he’s a hitchhiker).