Before The Flood – Review

Before The Flood is an incredibly powerful, moving and insightful look into what is to come for the future of our planet. Many will have seen An Inconvenient Truth when it was released around 10 years ago, and Before The Flood almost acts as a follow on from Al Gore’s revolutionary documentary, further warning us of the troubles ahead should we continue as a species in the same manor of existence.

Before The Flood was released for all to see for free a matter of weeks before a Presidential election. I purposely waited until the result of said election before writing this review in order to pass my judgement and unfortunately, the result was not one that I, nor many Americans, expected or wanted. Instead, a man who has publicly announced his disbelief in climate change is now the President elect, meaning all of Leonardo DiCaprio and his team’s hard work has effectively gone to waste.

Nevertheless, the movie should still act as a warning sign for our generation of what is to come. Regardless of whom you support in a political sense, the science behind climate change is undeniable. Scientists have carried out enough studies to conclude that our planet is one that is gradually dying mostly due to us and our habits as a species.

The facts and science throughout the documentary are the elements that really strike you as a human being. Without giving too much away, you are constantly taken aback by the effects that our every day lives are having on the planet. The documentary explores what political heads all over the world are doing to address this issue, as well as potential solutions to find out how we can overturn the deficit.

Earlier this year, the Paris Agreement was a historical turning point, which world leaders signed in the first truly political acknowledgment of the issue at hand. The agreement is a starting point, but DiCaprio’s movie discovers the impact of large corporations and how in some cases money is more important than the future of our planet.

Following the recent Presidential result, it looks unlikely that much will be done in the immediate future to address the issue of climate change. That said, DiCaprio’s startling documentary should not go unnoticed. The movie is stylistically portrayed, covers every possible angle and serves as a powerful message that we must begin to look after our fragile planet before it’s too late.


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