My Top Christmas Movies

Christmas is only hours away and along with all the food consuming and present opening, there is also lots of movie watching to do. Everyone has their own personal Christmas films that they will indulge in at this stage of the year. Here are the movies that sum up Christmas movie watching for me at this special time of year:

Love Actually

In the grand scheme of things, Love Actually probably doesn’t rank that high on the long list of brilliant Richard Curtis projects. In terms of the romcom genre, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral are way ahead.

That said, its endlessly talented cast, typical Curtis charm and general Christmas theme are just some of the reasons why Love Actually makes it on my list. It’s one of those movies that is shown on TV countless amounts of times over Christmas but it is also one you can’t help but switch on.


Home Alone

Again, it’s another that will be abused on TV channels all over during the Christmas period but possibly the most iconic Christmas film for a generation is Home Alone. Most people won’t be able to name another movie with Macaulay Caulkin but everyone fell in love with his portrayal of Kevin in the first two Home Alone movies.

The brilliantly put together set pieces and the comedy partnership of both villains, Harry and Marv are just a couple of reasons as to what makes Home Alone such a special movie over Christmas.


Will Ferrell’s Buddy the Elf is one of the most popular and loveable characters when it comes to Christmas movies. It’s one of the more modern entries on my list and it is another that will make most people’s top fives.

Before Elf, we only really knew Ferrell as Mugatu from Zoolander and Frank the Tank from Old School, so Elf was a slight change of scenery for the comedy actor. Saying that, he was perfectly cast for the role of the excitable oversized elf and Jon Favreau’s holiday flick is one that will be watched by most this Christmas.


Bad Santa

Terry Zwigoff’s Bad Santa puts a seriously dark, but humorous spin on your typical Christmas movie. Billy Bob Thornton impeccably portrays Willie, a drunken loser who makes money during the holidays by dressing up as Santa and then stealing from the shopping malls after closing hours.

Another modern entry to the list, and one that is not short of some distasteful language and themes. But perhaps it also acts as a reminder of how difficult it is for some people during the Christmas holidays.

The Night Before

The newest entry on my list comes from 50/50 director, Jonathan Levine. Like 50/50, the movie stars Seth Rogan and Joseph Gordon-Levitt who, alongside Anthony Mackie, play three lifelong friends who on Christmas Eve, spend the night in New York City searching for the ultimate party.

It’s a typical Seth Rogan stoner comedy with a Christmas twist to it but like many of his movies, it will leave you in stitches and will certainly get you in the mood for the Christmas antics!


Die Hard

If anyone tells you Die Hard isn’t a Christmas film, be safe in the knowledge that they are wrong and know nothing about movies…or Christmas for that matter. Not only is it one of the best Christmas films, it’s also one of the best action movies, starring one of the greatest heroes in John McClane as well as one of the greatest villains in Hans Gruber.

In fact, Die Hard is so good that they’re still looking to squeeze every last John McClane drop out of Bruce Willis. Unfortunately, the latest edition in the series is probably the end of the epic franchise but the original Die Hard movie will still be a popular selection by many during the festive period.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

The second instalment in the National Lampoon Vacation series is typically over elaborate and outrageous as any of the other films in the franchise, just with a Christmas twist. Chevy Chase leads the calamitous festive flick as he seeks the perfect holiday for the Griswold family.

With its delightful balance of cheek and charm, this is the perfect holiday comedy worthy of a few laughs and not to be taken too seriously.


So there are my top Christmas films that I will undoubtedly view at some stage over the festive period. What about you? What Christmas movies will you be watching over the holidays? Let me know and of course, have a very Happy Christmas! 🎄


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