Chris Hemsworth stars in trailer for post 9/11 war film, ’12 Strong’

Chris Hemsworth returns to the big screen next week in his latest Marvel outing in Thor: Ragnarok. But the trailer for his new movie ’12 Strong’ dropped last night.

Based on the true story of The Horse Soldiers, ’12 Strong’ follows a group of 12 American soldiers who join up with Afghan troops to fight the Taliban on horseback.

Newcomer Nicolai Fuglsig directs, with Jerry Bruckheimer producing as he did for ‘Black Hawk Down’ and there is certainly an air of familiarity.

Michael Pena, Michael Shannon and Moonlight’s Trevante Rhodes also star alongside Hemsworth in what promises to be a modern war epic.

’12 Strong’ hits UK cinemas next January.



Channing Tatum pulls plug on sexual abuse film

Channing Tatum has stopped development of a film about sexual abuse, which he has been making alongside The Weinstein Corporation.

Harvey Weinstein is the subject of a number of sexual harassment and assault cases that have been made against him which is has so far denied.

Posting on Facebook, Tatum said: “The brave women who had the courage to stand up and speak their truth about Harvey Weinstein are true heroes to us.

“They are lifting the heavy bricks to build the equitable world we all deserve to live in. Our lone project in development with TWC— Matthew Quick’s brilliant book, Forgive Me Leonard Peacock— is a story about a boy whose life was torn asunder by sexual abuse.

“While we will no longer develop it or anything else that is property of TWC, we are reminded of its powerful message of healing in the wake of tragedy.

“This is a giant opportunity for real positive change that we proudly commit ourselves to. The truth is out— let’s finish what our incredible colleagues started and eliminate abuse from our creative culture once and for all.”

The project ‘Forgive Me’, which was set to star Tatum, would also have seen him take on his first directorial role alongside Reid Carolin.

Jennifer Lawrence ‘placed in nude line-up’

Jennifer Lawrence has said she was made to stand in a nude line-up and told to lose weight by film producers at the start of her career.

The 27-year-old actress was speaking at Elle’s Women in Hollywood event where she claimed she had little choice as an unknown actress.

“I will lend my voice to any boy, girl, man or woman who doesn’t feel like they can protect themselves”, she added.

She continued by saying that she was asked by a female producer to stand in a nude line-up when auditioning for a film.

Standing alongside girls were thinner than her, she said the experience was “humiliating and degrading”.

“When I was much younger and starting out, I was told by producers of a film to lose 15 pounds in two weeks.

“One girl before me had already been fired for not losing the weight fast enough”.

She went on to tell the audience: “During this time a female producer had me do a nude line-up with about five women who were much, much, thinner than me. We all stood side by side with only tape on covering our privates.”

The Oscar winning actress went on to claim that she was told by the producer to use naked photos to inspire her to lose weight.

The actress said she felt “trapped” by the experience and allowed the harassment to happen because she thought it was what she had to do to further her career in Hollywood.

Lawrence was speaking a week after a number of sexual harassment and assault claims were made against producer Harvey Weinstein, who she worked with in her academy award-winning performance in Silver Linings Playbook.

Lawrence stated in her speech that it was time for people in Hollywood to “stop normalising these horrific situations.”

Marvel revolution in new Black Panther trailer

Marvel has released the first full trailer for their latest superhero Black Panther which stars Chadwick Boseman who we caught a glimpse of in Captain America: Civil War.

Black Panther explores the history of Boseman’s character T’Challa, the warrior king of Marvel’s fictional country Wakanda.

Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Creed) is directing with Lupita Nyong’o, Martin Freeman, Michael B. Jordan and Forest Whitaker starring in what is reportedly a 90% black cast.

Andy Serkis, who played a role in the second Avengers movie, also features.

Black Panther hits UK cinemas on February 12 2018.

Mark Wahlberg to star in new comedy

Daddy’s Home star Mark Wahlberg is set to continue his ventures into comedy by starring in and producing ‘Instant Family’.

The man behind Daddy’s Home, Sean Anders, is set to direct, teaming back up with Wahlberg.

Paramount are set to fast-track the project, aiming to start shooting early next year.

The film follows a couple who decide to start a family and adopt through the foster-care system, only to find themselves raising three wild kids who have no interest in being parented.

New trailer for Wes Anderson’s latest creation, Isle of Dogs

Not to be confused with the East London location – the trailer has been released for Wes Anderson’s new animation, Isle of Dogs.

The film is set in dystopian Japan where all dogs have been banished to an island of garbage following the outbreak of canine flu.

The film uses the same stop-motion animation as Anderson used in his 2009 adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox and his first feature movie since 2014’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Isle of Dogs features a plethora of big name actors voicing the characters including Scarlett Johansson, Edward Norton, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Frances McDormand, Harvey Keitel, Tilda Swinton and Yoko Ono.

Isle of Dogs is released in the UK on March 30 2018

Baywatch – Review

Plenty of incredible looking people, some cheap action thrills and a decent amount of comedy is exactly what you can expect from the new movie adaptation of Baywatch. It’s a movie one will go into with low expectations and leave having had a couple of chuckles, but without being left with any lasting impressions. But ultimately that is what a movie like Baywatch is specifically there for.

Dwayne Johnson plays the updated version of David Hasselhoff’s Mitch Buchanen, a dedicated and much-loved head lifeguard of Baywatch beach in Miami. When recruiting for new talent to join the team patrolling the bay, Mitch clashes with Matt Brody (Zac Efron), a disgraced former Olympic champion swimmer whose cocky attitude leads him to believe he can stroll into the role.

After being awarded the job, Brody soon discovers there’s a lot more to the part than just being a lifeguard as he and the rest of the team look to bring down the dangerous drug-lord, Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra), who jeopardises the future of the Bay.

Director Seth Gordon is probably best known for 2011’s Horrible Bosses, so immediately you know what kind of crass humour is going to be involved. And fortunately for Baywatch, there are a number of chuckles to be had which partially makes up for the terrible storyline and budget action sequences. Johnson and Efron have a fun on-screen relationship and along with Alexandra Daddario and Kelly Rohrbach, there’s plenty to visually admire.

The movie as a whole is poor, but it certainly surpasses the lowest of expectations that audiences will be going in with. Baywatch is incredibly forgettable but a few laughs and some cheap action scenes mean it’s not the worst watch ever.



I love the cinema. As a big movie lover, there is no better way of enjoying a good flick than on the big screen with the loud speakers in a room filled with strangers.

However, cinemas are rapidly running out of business and the first argument for many people I’m sure will be Internet Piracy. Yes, this will have an effect on cinema business, but for anyone who likes film, watching a movie recorded by someone on a handheld camera in the cinema is just not worth it, and illegal I must add. Yet this shouldn’t have a huge effect. Only DVD sales will suffer from this and with the recent (although relatively unsuccessful), reintroduction of 3D film in cinemas, piracy should be minimal. As long as you enjoy headaches and having to wear a humiliating pair of glasses to watch a film, you’re doing the cinema industry a huge favour.

Although 3D maybe saving multiplex cinemas for a few more years, they are seriously shooting themselves in the foot and having to price out customers. My latest venture to the pictures cost me nearly £20; £7.50 for the ticket and the rest on the highly overpriced food (which wasn’t popcorn, more on that later) and drink. I don’t blame people who don’t want to risk wasting nearly £20 going to see a film that they may not even enjoy.

The cinema of course has no choice. If business is failing, you up the prices. But perhaps multiplex cinemas need to think of other ways of attracting customers. I’m referring to the simple comfort and quality of my movie going experience. I am now constantly on edge whenever I go to the cinema in case something out of the ordinary occurs. This is due to many previously bad experiences at my local multiplex down the years. I’ve had problems with the projection of the film, sound issues, once my chair broke – I could go on.

The small number of staff in cinemas nowadays also leads to a whole host of issues. I am just about old enough to remember when there would be a member of staff on the door of the screening who would lead you to your seat. Now they cease to exist, and the showing of a big film that attracts large audiences can result in utter chaos. People simply choose where to sit which means the people who paid for those seats now have to look elsewhere for a seat and so on.

The lack of staff can also lead to bad behaviour within the screening as well. People who constantly talk throughout the film or use their phones can be a huge distraction when you’re trying to concentrate on the film. In addition, I will never understand why some of the loudest foods are sold in a cinema. Popcorn in a cinema is of course tradition, but it’s highly aggravating having to hear someone munching, rustling their bag of sweets or slurping on their drink and I’m sure many will agree.

Littering is also a major issue, and not much is done about it anymore. Floors always seem sticky because someone has chosen to spit their gum out or spilt their soft drink and the staff hasn’t properly cleaned it. As a film lover, I will continue to go to the cinema for the sake of watching a good film, but it’s no wonder people distance themselves away from the cinema experience when it is just not a nice place to be.

The lack of business cinemas gain will also effect what they can purchase to screen. Cinemas up and down the country have to show low quality mainstream film in order to evade the risk of losing business. Last month, what potentially could turn out to be one of the biggest films of the year; The Place Beyond the Pines, was not showing at my three local cinemas – GI Joe: Retaliation was…

This may be down to the film industry in general. There are vast amounts of average to poor quality films being made for the less sophisticated movie viewer. There are too many lame blockbusters with all the needless CGI and special effects available. There are too many unromantic, unfunny rom-coms and definitely too many animated movies trying to emulate the success of a Toy Story or a Shrek, and miserably failing. This leaves no room for cinemas to afford showing the real quality films out there and I can almost guarantee they suffer financially as a result.

In contrast, the quality of TV has risen and overtaken the demand of film. TV studios have recently splashed out on production, crews and film quality actors and actresses. And best of all for the audience, TV is free and can be consumed in the comfort of your own home.

So really, it’s no wonder cinemas are struggling. Much of it is out of their own hands, with poor quality of films being produced due to the ever changing demographic of the audience. Leaving less money for the cinema to spend on making their multiplex a nice place to go and watch a film. Fewer people are going to the cinema to spend vast amounts of money to see a film in poor conditions and too right.

In order for cinemas to survive, they need to find a balance of choosing the right films to show their viewers and combine that with a pleasant movie watching experience. Everyone enjoys going to the cinema, but it is rapidly losing the special experience factor of watching a film on the big screen. If cinemas continue to show poor quality movies in poor conditions, customers will continue to be driven away, leaving the future of multiplexes looking very bleak. It would be a disaster to see one of our country’s favourite past times fail and cinemas begin to close.